Men’s Clothing

Beyond personality, smarts and good looks, taking the measure of a man can come down to inches: a 33-inch sleeve or a 35-inch inseam. But in the premier fashion world of Elwood Flynn, it’s much more than that. It’s a cultivated expertise designed to serve each individual client.

“Our job is to clothe people in the best way possible,” says Ryan Walter of Elwood Flynn. “It really depends on the individual.” In their case, this means achieving the right wardrobe selections and the right fit for the slimmer build, the more muscular prairie build, and a lot of hockey players and football players.

Great wardrobe choices such as suits only work if they’re also a great fit. But not every shopper knows what constitutes a great fit or recognizes its importance. Fashion guru Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style says, “Most men don’t realize it, but the way their clothes hang on their body is actually the most defining aspect of their appearance.” Centeno has been featured in the New York Times, Business Insider and elsewhere. He learned the power of personal presentation in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Centeno identifies seven deadly style sins, and a bad fit is number one. His “Real Men Real Style Guide to Fit” illustrates many fit errors that are commonly seen. From sleeve length to the drape of the trouser, the fit has a direct impact on the statement you make.

“Too many men fail to understand that how they look is how they are perceived by others; and how we are perceived by others can have a huge effect on how successful we are at work, at home, and in life,” says Centeno, adding that a book is judged by its cover.