Your Clothing Experts

Rob McNab and Ryan Walter are Elwood Flynn’s clothing experts who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge into the men’s clothing industry. These two gentlemen have worked with Elwood for years and been a significant part of making the men of Saskatoon and area look great whatever the occasion.

Here at Elwood Flynn we help our customers avoid fit issues they may be totally unaware of.

“We are able to recognize how some of these things work and how you fix them,” says Rob McNab. “These include shoulders that are too wide and hang over, lapels that are bulging, trousers that are pulling in the thigh or hanging in the seat, jackets that are too tight around the waist, shirt cuff visibility, etc.”

The importance of a great fit has been brought home even more since the onset of the slim-fitting suit trend. An easy mistake some men make is to assume buying a smaller size gets them the look.

“With the influence of a trimmer fit in the last few years, it’s a little more complex and we end up doing more tailoring.”

Beyond personality, smarts and good looks, taking the measure of a man can come down to inches: a 33-inch sleeve or a 35-inch inseam. But in the premier fashion world of Elwood Flynn, it’s much more than that. It takes a clothing expert with cultivated skills designed to serve each individual client.

“Our job is to clothe people in the best way possible,” says Ryan Walter. “It really depends on the individual.”

In their case, this means achieving the right wardrobe selections and the right fit for the slimmer build, the more muscular prairie build, and a lot of hockey players and football players.

So drop in and say hello to Rob and Ryan and sit, have a coffee and a great discussion about clothing and what it can do for you.